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This is my first time ordering in this fashion. But I will quickly adapt to this method of ordering. I truly thank God, for discovering your designer fragrances. Everyone is always complimentary of my aroma. Delivery and customer service are both excellent. Have a good night! Marie-Hernando, MS

Thank you so much for such a good product. Sharon-Statesville, NC

Thank you so much! I was devastated when I thought my lotion was gone forever!!! You are a lifesaver and I will definitely be a repeat customer!! By the way, I was sitting near my son yesterday and he said “I keep smelling something that smells so good and I don’t know where it is coming from” and I said it is probably my new lotion called “Rain” that I just bought. And it was. :) Cathy - Southaven, MS

I give you a score of excellent in all areas. You are the best. Denise-Arlington, TN

The product itself is wonderful, and it is convenient and easy to obtain! I am tickled to be able to buy it! The star of excellence goes to you. Sherry-Memphis, TN

Easy web site to navigate and customer service is outstanding. Debra-Memphis, TN

Very prompt delivery!! I am extremely happy with my purchase and will definitely order again. It is easy to order and the customer service can’t be beat. Thanks Sheila-Memphis, TN

I am glad this product is available. Many shipping options to choose from and the turn around time on delivery is great. Easy web site to use. The people make a difference. Wanda- Memphis, TN

I have been buying this lotion from this merchant for a VERY long time and have always been extremely pleased with the product and service. I no longer need to purchase expensive perfumes…..Just these lotions and oils. I would give them an excellent rating. Lydia-Memphis, TN

You are outstanding in my book. Marsha-Memphis, TN

The sellers were super!!!! I’ve never had a seller who went through so much effort to ensure that you got exactly what you wanted, and in a very timely manner. I will continue to shop here. It has my favorite fragrance….Rain!!! Linda-Memphis, TN

I continue to get compliments when I wear your products! Thanks so much. The scent actually last all day! You are the best. Landra-Memphis, TN

This was SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! I was most impressed with the follow up. I will use them again and again. Faye-Memphis, TN

Excellent product-Excellent people. Rita-Memphis, TN

Debbie, I was in Houston, TX on the first of the month. My girlfriend loved my “Michael Kors (type)” lotion. We placed an order for her and she loves it. Hopefully you will get some others from Texas because she is telling every one. Brenda-Memphis, TN

What can I say except EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT, EXCELLENT. I will be back. Nellie-Cordova, TN

Above and beyond excellence. Orders are always addressed immediately. Thanks for your deliveries being sooooo prompt. Love the new bottles! Pam- Germantown, TN

Debbie, Thank you, thank you, thank you Tim-Memphis, TN

WOW, what a find!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will order again Kathy-Jackson, MS

So glad I found you all again. I will tell my friends!!! Celia-Memphis, TN

Lotions by Design is an extremely professional privately owned business whose products exemplify their expertise in both men’s and women’s fragrances. The variety of lotions offered is amazing! There is truly a fragrance for everyone! While it can be a bit pricey, it is worth the many compliments you will receive about…what may become your signature smell! Martha-Nashville, TN

Thank you for outstanding overall excellence!!!!!!!!!!!! Estelle, Memphis, TN

Debbie, I will have to say that is the quickest I have ever received anything by way of online shopping. Thanks for your promptness. This makes me not as leery to order again. Hope business is doing well. Sandra, Arlington, TN

I was very pleased with the ease of purchase and convenience of shopping online. Delivery was prompt. Customer service was excellent. Pamela-Iuka, MS

A terrific site to do business with and I would recommend them to anyone that’s even remotely on the fence about it. I am a copywriter for people that market online and as such I deal with online businesses every single day. I thought that personal customer service was dead. I was wrong. Lotions By Design is first-rate. John-Sycamore, IL

I give you a rating of excellent in all areas. Keep up the excellent work. Helen-Covington, TN

You have made me happy and I will pass it on to others. Johnnie-Memphis, TN

Fragrances are great. Prices are so good. I will continue to buy. Maureen-Green Valley, AZ

I tell others about you. Peggy-Memphis, TN

Outstanding product. Better than store brands. Keep up the good work! Sheila-Horn Lake, MS

Had to order some more so soon. Went to wedding in St. Louis. Family loved the scent. Gave one bottle away. Now ordering me some more. Landy - Germantown, TN

I love the fact the Lotionsbydesign is so simple to purchase online, and that if you have a problem or question you can also call and speak directly to a live person. I also like the fact that when I order my lotions, they arrive the next day. Now that’s what I call service. Sheila- Charleston, SC

Thank you, I do enjoy the products and will continue using this site. Georgette-Memphis, TN

Over all excellence. LaSher-Memphis, TN

Excellent product with great service! You will love it! Sherry-Germantown, TN

Shopping at Lotions By Design was extremely easy and delivery was quick! Terri-Wildwood, MO

Thanks Debbie, I got the order and I love the cute wrapping! I didn’t want to open it, but I did. The fragrance is wonderful, as usual, and it lasts! Next time, I will try the shower gel also, thanks for telling me about it. I plan on using Lotionsbydesign as my primary source for fragrances. Thanks and keep up the good work! Margo-West Memphis, AR

Great Product! I will tell all my friends where to find the “milkshakes”. Mitzi-Tupelo, MS

Lotions By Design goes above and beyond always. You have got to try this product! On a scale of 1 to 5, they would definitely rate at the top with a gold star. Sharon-New Orleans, LA

This oil is WONDERFUL. I refuse to buy perfumes at the department stores now. Catherine-Corinth, MS

An excellent company to do business with and the prices are good too. Joyce – Gautier, MS

Thank you for your help with the orders. A totally EXCELLENT experience! All critical components are met 100% of the time… 1. Product quality 2. Equitable price 3. Superb personalized customer service 4. Fast and efficient delivery 5. Product presentation perfection Jennie – Hernando, MS

Thanks for your great hospitality. Love, Debbie – Cordova, TN

An excellent company. Very fast delivery! Product was delivered overnight. I am very pleased with my product and will do business with them again. Kathleen- Germantown, TN

Lotions By Design is an excellent company to do business with in all areas. Thank you and thank you again Linda – Cayce, SC

Hello Debbie, Very prompt service. I appreciate the product. It makes my closet smell so good because when I put it on my body it rubs ever so lightly onto my clothes. Thank you again. Bobbie- Darlington, SC

Lotions By Design has always provided exceptional customer service. Notable was the time that they went far and beyond to ensure I received my last minute order in time for my vacation. I have used this product for about 10 years. The on-line ordering ability has been a tremendous resource. Frank – Memphis, TN men

Love the product and am so glad to have found a place to order since Bayberry has closed. I get so many compliments on the scent, but it isn’t overpowering like sprays. Unbelievably quick service….great experience. Excellent all around. Denise – Germantown

Thanks Debbie. I have referred several customers to you. I’m always asked by men and women what cologne I am wearing. I say it is not cologne it is a special lotion I have made and I give them your e-mail address. Vickie – Memphis

Just Delightful……….good business, no delays, quick delivery in timely manner, will always do business with this company, just superior excellent service. Neshelle- Memphis, TN

I got it the next day, you are awesome!! I told Sheila, my cousin. She ordered and hers came the next day!! The best Customer Service on the internet. Valerie –Cordova, TN

First of all this company’s product is the best perfumed lotion you will ever get your hands on. I have been an Alfred Sung wearer for at least a decade. The perfumed lotion that I get from here is far better and lasts 24 hours on my skin. I get compliments every singe day. It is my signature fragrance and I just love it!! Lastly, I have always gotten impeccable service and delivery. As I have said before, I would be lost without this lotion. I used to buy it in Memphis at a boutique. When I drove up and discovered it had closed I was devastated. Luckily, there was a note on the door for the custom lotion customers. aka: lotions by design. Thanks again for keeping me happy and smelling fabulous! :) Cathy-Southaven, MS

Hi Debbie, Thanks so very much for the Red you sent me "just because". I am really enjoying it. It's nice to know there are a few wonderful and caring people left in this world. You will be hearing from me soon and thanks again. Have a beautiful week-end. Anita- Charlotte, NC

Excellent rating. Great product, great company, great service. Tony – Clemson, SC

Outstanding Service Melanie – Olive Branch, MS

Thanks Debbie, you are greatly appreciated. Karen - Memphis, TN

Customer Service is excellent, the web site is very easy to use and the delivery is wonderful. Anita – Memphis, TN

I love this product! In addition to that the delivery is excellent, it is easy to order and the customer service is outstanding. Kim – Memphis, TN

What a company!! I have absolutely nothing negative to say. They excel in Excellence. Kelly – Olive Branch, MS

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