Referral Program.... “Free Lotion”

Item# Free-Lotion

Product Description

A referral program just for our customers. There is nothing more affordable than “Free”.

Yes, “Free” 2 oz Lotions By Design fragrance types of your choice.

You will receive a FREE 2 oz Level 1 fragrance type of your choice (milkshake, lotion, or oil) just for referring a New customer to Lotions By Design.

The program is simple. When the New customer places his/her initial order, have the New customer state in the comment box on the order page they were referred by you along with your phone number and email address (if available). I will call or email you to get the name and type of the fragrance you prefer and ship it to you.

There is no limit, so start referring today. Once your referral becomes an existing customer like yourself, he/she will be eligible for the referral program also. at
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